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​​Quick, Clean Energy When You Need It*

Energy Edge+ is the perfect synergistic blend of key ingredients to provide quick energy without the jitters that lasts for hours (in a convenient 2 ounce shot). As an added benefit the key ingredients can also target belly fat and improve insulin sensitivity.  

2oz  (60ml) Drink Shot 

Choose from two flavors:

Piña Colada OR Tangerine



+ S/H  (3 of each flavor)


energy edge+


Not Only are People Using Energy Edge+ for That Pick me up without Jitters they are enjoying the added benefits of enhanced weight loss.*

See what Science Has To Say About the Key Ingredients in Energy Edge+

Beta-Alanine, Taurine, Octopamine and Evodiamine all help improve insulin resistance naturally. Insulin resistance leads to Type 2 Diabetes (it is estimated 85 million Americans suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and 80% of them have diabetes fatigue – low energy). By making people more insulin sensitive you’ll also likely improve their energy over time (they just feel good).*

Taurine Promotes Glucose Control—and Treats Diabetes.  It is a known fact that taurine concentrations are lower among diabetics than they are in healthy individuals.  Given the above information about low taurine levels promote obesity, it is clear that the low levels of taurine only serve to promote the interdependence of diabetes and obesity*

Octopamine HCl's has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity. Increased insulin sensitivity improves fat loss efforts along with other healthy benefits including: preventing and treating diabetes, lowering cholesterol and having more strength and energy. Studies show that octopamine HCl has the distinct ability to SLIGHTLY lower blood pressure. Octopamine has been shown to have the potential to protect and benefit a person's gut function and structure. Beta3 receptors have a great resistance to downregulation and thus a person could take a beta3 receptor agonist like octopamine for extended periods of time without losing its wonderful benefits. Octopamine's strengths for weight loss lie squarely with the fact that it increases metabolism, lipolysis and insulin secretion and decreases catabolism of proteinaceous tissues.

Evodiamine is an alkaloidal compound with antiobesity effects that have been thought to be due to uncoupling protein-1 (UCP1) thermogenesis similar to the effects of capsaicin. Our findings suggest that evodiamine has a potential to prevent the development of diet-induced obesity in part by inhibiting adipocyte differentiation through ERK activation and its negative cross talk with the insulin signaling pathway.

Ingredients & Directions


Suggested Use: Take 1 to 2 Bottles Daily 



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