Performance Enhancing Drink


Regardless of your sport, ability, or age, E3 is the Ultimate Pre-Workout/Pre-Event Formula that when taken daily as directed is guaranteed to help:

  • Improve explosive power without making you gain weight. (You can hit harder; swing a club, bat or racquet harder; punch harder; lift more weight).
  • Reduces fatigue – you can go longer and harder without the burn. (Improves pH and prevents it from dropping)
  • Energize your mind and body. Simply put, you feel great and ready to workout or perform to the best of your ability.

Lion's Fuel E3

  • Energy energize your system
    Endurance perform at higher levels longer
    Explosiveness generate more explosive power by improving muscle carnosine levels

    Fruit Punch Flavor • Sugar Free
    Dietary Supplement
    30 Scoops


fuel the lion inside you!