e3 Performance Enhancing Drink

Regardless of your sport, ability, or age, E3 is the Ultimate Pre-Workout/Pre-Event Formula that when taken daily as directed is guaranteed to help:

  • Improve explosive power without making you gain weight. (You can hit harder; swing a club, bat or racquet harder; punch harder; lift more weight).
  • Reduces fatigue – you can go longer and harder without the burn. (Improves pH and prevents it from dropping)
  • Energize your mind and body. Simply put, you feel great and ready to workout or perform to the best of your ability.




Diet Fuel

Diet Fuel is a zero-calorie powder you add to your water, supercharging it with key minerals, metabolism enhancers, electrolytes and fat burners to accelerate and simplify your weight loss efforts. 


Who can benefit from taking Diet Fuel?


Anyone that wants to stay as lean as possible. Anyone trying to lose weight, especially through KETO or Intermittent fasting plans.




Mental Edge

Two tablets of Mental Edge contain 1000 mg of targeted Nootropics and Adaptogens to naturally support your body’s dopamine levels and delivering you a mental edge. Scientific evidence shows the mental edge blend can naturally enhance and support:


  • Better attention span
  • Improved mental energy
  • Laser-like Focus/concentration
  • Improved performance on mentally demanding tasks
  • Enhanced overall general sense of well being
  • Improved memory and recall.*

10-day Quick Slim Pack (e3, mental edge, diet fuel)

  • e3

    Energy energize your system
    Endurance perform at higher levels longer
    Explosiveness generate more explosive power by improving muscle carnosine levels

    Fruit Punch Flavor • Sugar Free
    Dietary Supplement
    30 Scoops



    Diet Fuel

    Fat Burners
    Metabolism Enhancers

    Peach/Strawberry Daiquiri Flavor • Sugar Free
    Dietary Supplement
    30 Scoops



    Mental Edge


    Suggested Use: Take one capsule as needed when you’re feeling mentally tired or fatigued and need a pick me up. Do not exceed six capsules per day.

    Dietary Supplement
    60 Capsules


fuel the lion inside you!