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Learn how using Metabolism+ along with your GLP-1 shot can accelerate weight loss progress and success.

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Mike Van Dyke Before and After Weight Loss

I have lost 30 pounds in 90 days and simply feel great following this program. By far the best weight loss program I have ever used. In Nov, 2023 I started @ 248lbs and as of today I’m 218lbs. 


Mike Van Dyke

Lion's Fuel Metabolism Plus Bottle and Tablets
Lion's Fuel Tirzepatide Bottle
Michael Juett Before and After Weight Loss

I have lost 170 pounds following the Lion’s Fuel Weight Loss Blueprint. Dr. Warren has me on a weekly GLP-1 Shot and I take Metabolism+ daily. This program has given me my life back.


Michael Juett

Lion's Fuel Metabolism Plus Bottle and Tablets
Lion's Fuel Tirzepatide Bottle

Lion's Fuel Weight Management Products


Smart Nutrition to naturally help your Metabolism: Methylene Blue, Guarana, Green Tea, and L-Theanine = Metabolic Ignition, Mitochondria Vitality, Catechin Powerhouse, Balanced Energy and Focus, Thermogenesis and Fat Utilization, Oxidative Stress Defense.

diet fuel

Diet Fuel is a zero-calorie drink mix, supercharged with Minerals, Metabolism Enhancers, Electrolytes and Fat Burners to accelerate and simplify weight management. For anyone that wants to stay as lean as possible.  Anyone trying to lose weight, especially through KETO or Intermittent fasting plans.


Tirzepatide is a synthetic derivative of gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) that has simultaneous glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) functionality as well. This combination allows Tirzepatide to lower blood glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity, boost feelings of satiety, and accelerate weight loss.

At 55 years old, my waist size is currently smaller than most of my 30’s and 40’s thanks to Lion’s Fuel Weight Loss blueprint. I love that I can eat carbohydrates and still stay lean. 


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