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Smart Nutrition to help your Metabolism Naturally: Methylene Blue, Guarana, Green Tea, and L-Theanine — the exact mix in our Lion’s Fuel Metabolism+ Pills.


60 Tablets


Including Lion’s Fuel Metbolism + Pills daily can naturally assist in boosting your metabolism helping maximize your weight loss potential by embracing the collaborative benefits of Methylene Blue, Guarana, Green Tea, and L-Theanine.


This powerful quartet naturally provides the body key nutrients to enhance metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity, support mitochondria health, and provide a balanced energy boost.

Lion's Fuel Metabolism+

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Metabolism+ Monthly
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  • Take 1-4 pills first thing in the morning (most people start with two and then adjust to find their sweet spot. Swallow with liquid. Do not chew.


fuel the lion inside you!

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